Save A Life!
Bring Peace of Mind!

We Rage We Weep Alzheimer Foundation (
endeavours to ease the financial burden of care giving - one family
at a time! One of our services, Project Lifesaver/SafetyNet, is a wander
location program currently providing security and peace of mind to
dozens of caregivers of Alzheimer’s or related dementia sufferers in
the Greater Victoria area.

We’ve partnered with LoyaltyTel ( to provide you
with an opportunity to ease that suffering just by paying for something
you already pay someone else for – and you might even save
money at the same time
. Now the long distance telephone service
you choose can have a powerful impact on the quality of life of a
caregiver and their loved one struggling with Alzheimer Disease or

Just by choosing any of our cost saving long distance plans $2.00
(for individual plans) or $4.00 (from combined plans) is donated 
back to us every month. That’s right, by taking just five minutes
to sign up for something you are already paying someone
else for you
might help save a life.


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